designed by Blattler, hand-crafted by Oak & Iron

Ageing beautifully over time

Authentic, unique and individual pieces

Tools that tell a story

Hand-picked oak, hand-crafted

Dining table

large table
width 220cm, depth 80cm,
height 74cm

medium table
width 180cm, depth 80cm,
height 74cm


large bench
width 220cm, depth 30cm,
height 46cm

medium bench
width 180cm, depth 30cm,
height 46cm

Nest of three tables

Nest of three tables

large table
width 53cm, depth 42cm,
height 48cm

medium table
width 47cm, depth 42cm,
height 43.5cm

small table
width 41cm, depth 42cm,
height 39cm

Coffee table

width 120cm, depth 80cm,
height 35cm

TV stand

width 120cm, depth 25cm,
height 40cm

Console table

width 90cm, depth 30cm,
height 80cm

The zkollektion is the result of a collaboration between creative thinkers and makers. Creative agency Blattler and Oak & Iron joined forces to create a new collection of furniture embracing the core proposition of Oak & Iron.

‘Initially we commissioned Oak & Iron founder Terence Facey to build a few tables for our agency space’ explains Daniel Blattler, founder of blattler ltd. ‘During the design process we started a fruitful dialogue that led to the idea of creating something in collaboration. The result is a series of striking hand-crafted oak furniture pieces with Z-shaped iron legs – hence the name zkollektion.’

The natural kiln-dried English oak is ethically sourced and hand picked for its individual beauty.

‘As designers we really appreciate good craftsmanship. Working with Terry and Tom is a real pleasure. Decades of experience and a real understanding of the materials is making it natural to strip the design back to basics. The zkollektion isn’t flash or pretentious. It’s just simple design, beautifully crafted. Each piece is unique, as the wood is selected for its beautiful markings.’

If the contemporary zkollektion marks a departure for Oak & Iron’s renowned rustic design, it certainly continues in their tradition to create the most beautiful hand-crafted oak furniture.

Colour powder coated iron centre

Beautifully colourful

Newly launched, the zkollektion in colour. By using powder coating technology, we can colour the centre strip of the dining table and the coffee table in almost any colour you like, tailoring the tables exactly to your taste. Surprise your guests by swapping the centre strip to create a different look and a table you will never get tired of. Please contact us for further information.

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